Welcome to BRB-ArrayTools

BRB-ArrayTools is an integrated package for the visualization and statistical analysis of Microarray gene expression, copy number, methylation and RNA-Seq data. It was developed by professional statisticians experienced in the analysis of microarray data and involved in the development of improved methods for the design and analysis of microarray based experiments. The analytic and visualization tools are integrated into Excel as an add-in. The analytic and visualization tools themselves are developed in the powerful R statistical system, in C and Fortran programs and in Java applications. Visual Basic for Applications is the glue that integrates the components and hides the complexity of the analytic methods from the user. The system incorporates a variety of powerful analytic and visualization tools developed specifically for microarray data analysis.

BRB-ArrayTools is free for non-commercial use.

BRB-ArrayTools v4.6.0 Beta 1 is coming soon.

BRB-SeqTools v1.0 is released (Oct 19, 2016).

What data types does our software handle?

  • RNA Sequencing data
    • RNA-seq FASTQ file
    • RNA-Seq count data processed through Galaxy web tools
  • Illumina methylation data
  • Copy number data
  • Expression data
    • Affymetrix 3’-IVT arrays
    • Affymetrix genechip ST arrays
    • Agilent single and dual channel arrays
    • Illumina expression arrays
    • GenePix data
    • mAdb Archive data
    • GDS datasets from NCBI/GEO
    • Other data types through general importer

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What analysis tools do we provide?

  • Class comparison for differential expression
  • Class prediction with complete cross-validation using a wide variety of prediction methods
  • Clustering
  • Graphical 2-D and 3-D interactive plots
  • Gene Set Enrichment Analysis with many gene sets

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Extensive Biological Annotations

  • SOURCE database annotation
  • Bioconductor annotation packages for Affymetrix and Illumina data
  • Custom annotation
  • Significant genes linked to
    • KEGG
    • Biocarta
    • DrugBank
    • Gene Ontology
    • CGAP
    • And more

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