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BRB-ArrayTools Download Page

Developed by: Richard Simon & BRB-ArrayTools Development Team

This software is free for non-commercial use. Commercial users should contact Michael Shmilovich at or (301)435-5019.

>>>>>>>>>>>LINK to obtain a username and password>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please enter your password in BOTH username and password fields when prompted.
Username: [input your password here]
Password: [input your password here]

[Download standard version 3.8.1] Download Standard Version 3.8.1 (All in one file)

commercial version 3.8.1] Download Commercial Version 3.8.1 (All in one file)

[Download 60 day trial version] Download 60-day Trial Version 3.8.1 (All in one file)

Click here if you forget your password or have trouble downloading the software

*Instructions for Excel 2007 Users to set security level and and load the Add-Ins into Excel 2007 after installation.

*Instructions for Vista Users to take Full Control of the ArrayTools installation folder.

The following documentation files are included in the above software installations, or may be downloaded separately for perusal prior to installation of the software.

[Download Re
adme file] Download Readme file

[Download BR
B ArrayTools 3.8 Manual] Download BRB ArrayTools Manual(Version 3.8) (Chinese Translation)

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Last updated on July 20, 2010