BRB ArrayTools

Developed by: Richard Simon & Amy Peng Lam

The software is free for non-commercial use. Commercial users should contact Michael Shmilovich at or (301)435-5019.

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[Download standard version 3.5.0] Download Standard Version 3.5.0

commercial version 3.5.0] Download Commercial Version 3.5.0

[Download 60 day trial version] Download 60-day Trial Version 3.5.0

The following documentation files are included in the above software installations, or may be downloaded separately for perusal prior to installation of the software.

[Download Re
adme file] Download Readme file

[Download BR
B ArrayTools 3.5.0 Manual] Download BRB ArrayTools Manual (Version 3.5.0)

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Last updated on Feb. 21, 2007