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What is BRB-ArrayTools?

BRB-ArrayTools can help you with the analysis of your microarray data. It was developed by professional statisticians with extensive experience in the design and analysis of microarray studies. Implemented as an Excel add-in, BRB-ArrayTools provides a user friendly interface and a flexible data import function suitable for a range of formats. The program can be used for non-commercial purposes free-of-charge. You can learn more about the features associated with BRB-ArrayTools by clicking on the links below.

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  • Key_Features - a brief description of the core features of interest to Analysts, including screen shots.
  • FAQs - more detailed information about features for those considering BRB-ArrayTools.
  • System_Requirements - what you need to install and run BRB-ArrayTools
  • V3 Beta Tutorial- review a V3 Beta step-by-step case study
  • BRB-ArrayTools V3 Beta User's Manual - download the User's Manual (Word format)
  • Technical_Notes - common questions asked by experienced BRB-ArrayTool Users
  • Microarray_Analysis_Tips - suggestions from experienced Statisticians supported by links to Technical Reports and Publications.
  • Workshops - BRB-ArrayTools training workshops.
  • Download BRB-ArrayTools - request a license and download the program or request a CD 
  • Survey - click here to complete our MicroArray Analysts survey, we welcome your feedback!
  • Links - extensive list of links to sequence and protein databases, in addition to annotation and functional analysis tools

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